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$100 per couple for group class attendance

Interested in booking a private childbirth
education class? Email Jana at

We've put together a childbirth education class that is both informative and fun for you and your partner. Learning about what to expect and how to be prepared is a very helpful way to achieve your goals for labor and birth. While labor and birth are a big focus, we will also talk about third trimester and postpartum expectations. Our passion is to inform you in the most realistic way possible, so that means you are going to learn about some not-so-fun things too, but in a group of expecting peers going through their pregnancy journey also. 

Topics covered:

  • Routing 3rd trimester testing

  • Red flags to watch for in the 3rd trimester

  • Stages of labor and how to know it is labor

  • Pain management (medication options and non-medication coping techniques)

  • How to think through decisions under pressure

  • Postpartum preparation and expectations

  • Labor practice with your birth partner

  • And more!


Childbirth Education Class

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